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Yahoo News Board Archive January 1, 2006-June 30, 2006

Yahoo seems to have disabled the links to its old Yahoo News Board archive, so I will be posting the information from my old posts here as time permits. Please check back from time to time for the added information.


This ruling now allows private interests to take your land to use for business interests. Before land could only be taken for public use such as to build a road or a library. See page 16 for more.

Refs re 6/05 Eminent Domain Ruling
June 9, 2006

New Link:
Conn. City Leaders OK Riverfront Evictions
June 6, 2006

New Orleans Land Grab Stinks to High Heaven
January 28, 2006

New Link: Greg Szymanski Interviews Brandon Darby of Common Ground Relief re New Orleans January 26, 2006 interview
13:53 9th Ward Many of the homes still in good shape
14:34 Lower 9th Ward-developers want to put in a resort
15:36 14,000 homes in one section to be taken by eminent domain in the name of commercial development-this controversial change was approved by the Supreme Court only last year.

Private Investors Can Now Seize Land
June 12, 2006

June 7, 2006 (hr 1) Alex Jones discusses the new eminent domain ruling AUDIO archived for members at

June 8, 2006( Hr 3)
Later, activist and too-be evicted Connecticut landowner Michael Cristofaro will join Jack to talk about how his local government is using the U.S. Supreme Court landmark ruling that governments may seize property for private development projects to steal his land for development .AUDIO arcived for members at

July 7, 2006 Interview with Clara Halper, a New Jersey woman who is having her family farm that her family has owned since the 1920’s being taken from her because the government want to build luxury facilities on it.
AUDIO (Hr 1, half way through the hour) archived for members at

BELOW: Actual picture from a police
State training drill

GOVERNMENT CHURCHES-The Churches and Homeland Security

Homeland Security and the Churches
May 20, 2006

Homeland Security and Your Pastor (1 rec)
May 24, 2006

Interview with “Pastor Revere” about Homeland Security and the Churches
May 24, 2006 AUDIO

Homeland Sec's 10 Billion Dollar Carrot ( 1 rec)
May 25, 2006

NWO Seeks Destruction of Religons ( 1 rec)
June 4, 2006

Plenty of Money for Pastor-Spies (3 rec)
June 6, 2006

June 30, 2006 Hr 2 Col. Ronald D. Ray, USMCR (Ret.)
Speaking to Restore America's Virtue*
AUDIO archived for members at
Col Ray tells a story about the Bolshevik takeover of Christian Churches in US.

Also here: 


Col. Ronald D. Ray, USMCR (Ret.)
June 30, 2006
( membership required)
Alex welcomes Colonel Ronald D. Ray, a practicing attorney in Kentucky and a highly decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administration. Col. Ray and Alex will discuss the current degeneration of the US Armed Forces and the New World Order plan for global domination.

New Link: Interview with General Parton about Communism
October 11, 2006
Part 1
Paer 2

Retired Air Force General Warns Another 'Terrorist Attack' On Horizon As Trotskyites Within Government On The Move To Destroy America
Gen. Ben Parton said America's only chance is for its people to take back the political process before the New World Order takes over.

Communism is a Banker's Plan for World Conquest

The International Bankers are Behind Communism. It's a plan to transfer power and wealth into their hands I hope you can study the below materials
to understand what is happening to the United States.

Communism rejects the spiritual nature of man and the Hereafter and demands obedience to Father Country. It is a belief that the average man is little more than a higher functioning animal that has no rights, only privileges and needs to be managed and controlled.

The Chinese Body Parts Business
April 28, 2006

Quietly, Quietly It's Almost Done ( 1 rec)
May 28, 2006

New Link: Interview with General Parton about the Communist Plan
To Take Over the World Interviewed by the

October 11, 2006 AUDIO

Part 1
Part 2

Retired Air Force General Warns Another 'Terrorist Attack' On Horizon As Trotskyites Within Government On The Move To Destroy America
Gen. Ben Parton said America's only chance is for its people to take back the political process before the New World Order takes over.
April 28, 2006

Andrew Suda
December 6, 2006
Part 1
Part 2
Guest: Andrew Suda Greg interviewed U. S. citizen, Andrew Suda, a former Polish citizen, who tells how the KGB and Polish intelligence are now part of American Homeland Security and how they have also tried to silence him. Suda warns Americans the same thing is happening here as happened in Communist Poland and the Soviet Union.
Part 1-starts at 15 min
28 min-re Poland
32 min- re Lev Walsea

Andrew Suda (Andrzej Suda )
August 23, 2007

1:10:00 Suda

1:19:00 10-15 leaders of the Solidairty Farmers Movement disappeared in accidents or went to jail This movement was crushed because it was not controlled.

The Solidarity of the factory workers had the leaders put under “house arrest”

Lev Walesa was an operative from the start. Many people have copies of the file which showed this his father lived in Chicago. Why did his father leave him behind to work at a ship yard??? Walesa never tried to escape from Poland to live with his father in the US.

Walsea was an operative of the Polish secret service

Read the EBook in this next link:None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Download the book here at

Communist Style World Government?
May 30, 2006

911 Was Pretext for US/World Take Over ( 1 rec)
May 30, 2006

Former Soviet Dissident Warns Of EU Dictatorship
March 2, 2006
'A former dissident who was imprisoned in Soviet gulags for a total of twelve years has warned that he personally saw secret documents in 1992 which outlined a conspiracy to turn the European Union into a Socialist dictatorship.

The Day America Died (4 rec)
June 16, 2006

North American Union-see page 15

VIDEO: The Coming North American Union
January 28, 2006

Plans for a North American Union (1 rec)
March 4, 2006

Plans to Dismantle US Borders (3 rec)
March 11, 2006

Deal is Already In to Merge With Mexico (2 rec)
March 26, 2006


**SEE PAGE 25 

Bush Neocons Responsible for Demonstrations ( 1 rec)
April 2, 2006

"War on Terror" but Borders Wide Open? ( 4 rec)
May 3, 2006

A Trip Down Memory Lane to 2002
May 17, 2006

Live Discussion of Total Amnesty (vote)
May 26, 2006

Mass Amnesty and the End of America
May 26, 2006

Illegals Advance Plans to Merge ( 1 rec)
June 6, 2006

"Conservative" Bush and the Border
June 7, 2006

Bush Quietly Signs Away America ((1 rec)
June 7, 2006

Lou Dobbs Slams CFR and North American Union

Meanwhile..borders are wide open (2 rec)--
June 18, 2006

Glen Spencer AmericanBorder Patrol-live
June 21, 2006

This Alex Jones interview of Glen Spencer of is available here:
June 21, 2006, hour 2
AUDIO available for members at


A Trip Down Memory Lane

AUDIO Alex Interviews Glen Spencer of American Border Control on Illegal Immigration (17 minutes) look for the link on the far right column on page
November 12, 2002

AUDIO Alex Jones interviews Congressman Tom Tancredo on Immigration and Homeland Security (17 minutes) Link is in the Middle Column on page
November 27, 2002

AUDIO Alex interviews Congressman-elect Raul Grijalva on vigilante border patrol desperately trying to protect their own property in the face of rampant illegal immigration (17 minutes)
Link is in the Middle column on page
November 26, 2002