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Wakening Up to Vote Fraud Issues in America and Getting Involved

Below are some valuable audiovisual and other resources to help
become acquainted with vote fraud issues facing America. We can
get involved to create a better future in a lot of common sense ways.


Kucinich Backs New Hampshire Recount
Vote fraud expert Bev Harris warns he could be walking into a trap
January 11, 2008

Media Struggles To Whitewash Clinton Vote Fraud Suspicions
Professor offers new excuse - claims Hillary overturned a 13 point
deficit because her name was higher on the ballot
January 10, 2008

Ron Paul Votes Not Counted In New Hampshire District
Vote fraud confirmed, Clinton reversed mammoth pre-polling
deficit to beat Obama, Diebold machines aid Giuliani, Romney
January 9, 2008

Clear Evidence Of Widespread Vote Fraud In New Hampshire
Paul and Obama cheated out of 3rd and 1st by voting machines, hand count fraud
January 9, 2008

LHS Associates has exclusive programming contracts for ALL New Hampshire
voting machines, which combined will count about 81 percent of the vote in the primary.
January 8, 2008


CNN AM brought up a hint of election fraud only ONCE
January 9, 2008
VIDEO youtube

Is This Fraud? As Americans begin to question more,
one man realizes the bostonglobe,com chart has some serious problem.
January 9, 2008
Associated Press New Hampshire Republican Primary Vote Results?
VIDEO youtube

Alex Jones interviews Bev Harris of
concerning the New Hampshire Primaries
January 10, 2008

**PROBLEMS WITH THE ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES AND OPTICAL VOTE COUNTERS** video showing how easily the optical scan counting
machines can be programmed to show false results
September 19, 2007

Princeton Study Highlights Ease of Hacking Diebold Voting Machine
January 3, 2007
VIDEO see link in article

CNN's Lou Dobbs: Voting Machines for Sale on E-Bay
Says Dobbs: 'Electronic Voting Machines Pose An Extraordinary Threat To Our Democracy…
August 15, 2006

** THE 2000 AND 2004 ELECTIONS**

Hacking Democracy

Unprecedented - The 2000 Presidential Election
VIDEO 50 min

Testimony of Computer Programmer Asked to Rig Voting
Software to Alter Vote Results (He was asked to rig the software
to make your chosen victor win by a small margin)
December 13, 2004
This is a video of Computer programmer Clinton Curtis when
he testified at the December 13th, 2004 Congressional hearing
in Columbus, Ohio naming Republican Congressman Tom Feeney
as the person who hired him to prepare vote-rigging software

Voting in Ohio-You Must See This

Vote Fraud 2004: How Ohio was "Delivered" to Bush
Scroll Down to “Video Footage of African American Voter
Suppression in Ohio”
Video Footage of African American voter suppression in Ohio
Through deceitful manipulation of information and equipment,
the citizens of Ohio were often turned away from voting booths.

A Volusia County Video-Ballots and voting records found in trash

Two Activists, Joan Quinn and Diana, refuse to sit down and shut up.
June 16, 2005

Joan Quinn: VIDEO

Diana: VIDEO

Bev Harris of on Vote 2004

Diebold CEO Resigns Under Cloud
December 13, 2005

1:959,000 chance exit polls wrong
April 2, 2005

**VOTE FRAUD ARCHIVES** Vote Fraud Archives

Articles Related to Vote Fraud


For the Latest in the Voter Fraud Investigation

Ron Paul War Room

Verified Voting Activist Center



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